5 Tips for a Better Fundraiser

Careful planning and execution can help you meet your fundraising goals Can a superlative, catered fundraising event get guests to ante up more money for the […]
Aug 6, 2014 /

Belly Up to the Food Bar

Give your guests options of a single food item From guacamole to meatballs, every guest probably has a favorite. But now you can treat your guests […]
Jun 30, 2014 /

Say Cheese

Cheese professionals are smiling when their expertise is needed Sommeliers may have selected the perfect wine to accompany your meal, but a new crop of them […]
Jun 22, 2014 /

Perfect Pairings

Miniature food and drink combinations that tickle the tongue but don’t exhaust the wallet One of the latest trends is to offer specifically-chosen beverages with passed […]
Jun 20, 2014 /

Not Your Mother’s Wedding Reception

Today’s catering options can give you the special day you deserve No longer narrowly defined—and no longer solely the dominion of parents and in-laws—the menu choices […]
Jun 17, 2014 /

Are Carbs Making a Comeback?

New survey results may surprise you Carbs are back and in demand. If you think potatoes top the list of popular side dishes among our clients, […]
Jun 12, 2014 /

And the Chicken Wins! Here’s Why.

The humble chicken goes haute cuisine The poor chicken. Long a favorite of meeting planners and caterers, chicken on the menu conjures up images of a […]
Jun 9, 2014 /

The Alternatives to a Sit-Down, Plated Dinner

Social networking may change the way we eat at an event In our ever-increasing social world, the traditional sit-down dinner may not offer enough opportunity for […]
Apr 23, 2014 /

Soul food catering

Are you interested in creating a night in the Old South for your guests? Putting together a soul food menu for a gala, wedding dinner […]
Mar 1, 2013 /

Catering for funeral receptions

Funeral receptions are a difficult event for many people to plan. Those who are closest to the deceased are often in the most fragile emotional […]
Mar 1, 2013 /

Fondue caterer

One of the more unique catering ideas that some of our clients have requested lately involves putting a fondue night together for their guests. This […]
Mar 1, 2013 /