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Sparky’s Hot Rod Garage is the perfect venue for any car enthusiast or just simply anyone who wants to have a good time.  Joe “Sparky” Bullock started building up his classic car collection when he was only 12 years old with his first car, a 1940 coupe.  He now has over 20 custom built classic hot rods.
Sparky's Hot Rod Garage
Sparky keeps his cars at his garage in San Carlos, which isn’t open, but is available for you to host your next event at.  This is not just any garage, however.  This is a venue that screams fun.  Old or young, everyone will enjoy the classic car collection, 6’ x 8’ TV screen, state of the art karaoke machine, entertaining collectables, classic jukebox, DSL and multimedia capabilities, and a capacity of up to 250 guests or seated dining for up to 150 guests.

This has been an ideal destination for car shows, car club events, birthday parties, corporate parties and events, fundraiser events, retirement parties, kids parties and networking events.  Kids love the classic cars and seeing how people listened to music and other hobbies people enjoyed before the internet, Facebook and IPods.  Celebrate your child’s next birthday party in style so he or she (and all their friends) will never forget this priceless memory.

It goes without saying, that Sparky’s makes the ideal venue for car shows and car club events.  They have hosted car shows with over 350 of the nicest Hot Rods and classic cars from all over the world, put on display for over 1400 visitors.  What do you get when you combine the best in bay area catering and the nicest classic hot rods with ambience to match?  The ideal location to host your next car club event!

Many bay area corporations have hosted their events here in the past, including Wells Fargo, The San Carlos Chamber of Commerce and various tenants of Black Mountain Properties.  Impress your boss by booking your next corporate event here.

Sparky’s Hot Rod Garage is that unique and exciting venue you have been looking for high and low to host your next event.  It features professional service and provides guests a truly memorable event.  So grease back that hair, put the pedal to the metal, or just pick up the phone and call Just Catering to arrange your next event at Sparky’s Hot Rod Garage.

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