Accommodating Special Dietary Needs Is Just Catering

Sea bass on a bed of purple potato pureeSpecial requests can give you a whole new outlook on your culinary options

As you start planning your event, you develop a long list of guest exceptions: vegan, diabetic, low sodium, low fat, gluten free, kosher, and so on. Working with your caterer, you can give your guests a culinary experience that makes them feel like the norm and not the exception.

Find out what your guests need

When you send out your invitations, poll your guests about their dietary needs. Keep a running tally of the type of need and the number of people. Bring this list with you when you meet with the catering manager. He or she can advise you about the many options available. While the special needs may be new to you, they’ll be fairly common to the caterer.

Some needs may overlap

Solving all the dietary needs of your guests may not be as complicated as you may think. For instance, the needs of a vegan may also meet the needs of someone who observes kosher laws and also someone who needs to follow a low-fat or gluten-free diet.

Do your homework

Very few people truly understand diabetic needs. Even the best chefs may think only of obvious sugar and not that dairy, large amounts of vegetables, soups and sauces, grains, potatoes, legumes, and fruits also contribute carbohydrates. Coming to meet with your catering manager armed with this information will help you both consider the best choices.

Labels can be helpful

Consider using information labels on your menus for a sit-down affair or on placards for a buffet, letting your guests know that this dish is vegan-friendly, kosher, diabetic-friendly, etc. Doing so will give them peace of mind and allow them to relax and enjoy the event. They’ll also like that you took the extra step to care for their needs.

Special foods can be just as tasty

If a guest requires a special accommodation, the last thing that person wants is culinary boredom. With so many foods and preparation techniques available, make sure that low-fat option, for example, offers more than a bland, dried-out chicken breast with soggy carrots. Consider instead going ethnic, sampling spices and perhaps different cooking methods from around the world.

A caterer who caters to your needs

At Just Catering, we tailor our menus to meet your specific dietary requests. Just let us know what you need and we’ll offer flavorful, affordable suggestions.