Celebrate a Milestone Anniversary with Style

happy anniversaryPut culinary creations front and center

Drop the hint to your kids that your 25th or 50th wedding anniversary (or any year in between) is coming up. Tell them, too, that a catered affair takes the burden off everyone so all can just have a good time. Here’s how.

What is your dream event?

You’ve done all the hard work. Now leave it to others. One couple we know was about to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary in August. They decided on an outdoor barbeque and selected their menu items from our options. They also hired us to handle:

  • Onsite cooking
  • Table set-up and clean-up
  • Serving

After 40 years, they were happy to sit back and relax with family and friends. We cooked to their specifications. Make your dream event happen. There are so many options, from outdoor events to intimate dinners to large banquets. 

Focus on foods the anniversary couple prefers

No matter who’s in charge of the event, the food selections should reflect the anniversary couple. After all, family and friends wouldn’t be at the event if not for them. If Mom can’t have red wine, for instance, don’t serve it. If Dad is allergic to shellfish, don’t serve that either. Talk over favorite dishes with your caterer and let him or her offer recommendations for a menu that will succeed on all levels.

Don’t be afraid to ask for special request or ethnic dishes. Just because you don’t see it on the menu, it doesn’t mean it can’t be prepared and served.

Consider a memory book

Another couple we know was about to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Their children organized the event in a banquet hall. One of them produced a memory book beforehand and distributed copies to attendees. The book included family photos and family trees of the “bride” and “groom” and photos of their children and grandchildren. A narrative provided the thread that connected the photos.

But why stop there? Consider a booklet about food memories. What are the favorite family recipes, memorable meals for the anniversary couple through childhood to adulthood?

Designate a photographer and/or videographer

The event will create memories of its own. If you don’t want to hire someone specifically to serve as photographer or videographer, ask one of the attendees with particular skill in these areas. Be sure to capture candid shots as well as posed photos. Multigenerational portraits are great. And don’t forget to photograph the food!