Don’t Want to Go Out? Have a Catered Party at Home.

home party5 ways a caterer eases your burden

When you hire a caterer, you can decide on drop and go—to have the caterer just deliver the food and leave—or hire staff so you can enjoy your own party. Here are five reasons why this can work for you.

  1. Convenience—You can spend more time with your guests and not slave over your own hot stove or wait to be served in a restaurant or banquet hall. You only have one role to play: host to your guests. You’ll be far less stressed, and you’ll be able to engage in more meaningful interactions.
  2. Cost effectiveness—Given the number of guests you expect, your caterer can help you determine just how much food you’ll need. You’ll save on wasted food.
  3. Food the way you like it—Preparing for an event is stressful, especially if you’re the one in the kitchen among other roles you must serve. You won’t have to worry about burning or undercooking anything. Your menu selections will be cooked according to your specific instructions. You can choose from a variety of themes your caterer offers or design your own.
  4. Less opportunity for forgetting—It inevitably happens. As you prepare for an intimate or large gathering, you run out of eggs, or oil, or chicken stock. When you hire a caterer, you don’t face this risk. All the food—including appetizers, main entrees, side dishes, and desserts—are fully prepared, no omissions guaranteed.
  5. Home is where the heart is—As wonderful as celebrations can be at restaurants and halls, there’s really nothing like the cozy setting of an event in someone’s home. You can enjoy the ambience of your own home and enjoy culinary delights that you select. 

Just Catering offers options for home parties

If you just need help with the food, we’re happy to consult with you about your needs and, if you’d like, develop a unique palate-pleasing menu for your event. We can either bring the food to you or you can choose to pick up the food at our Santa Clara location. But we also provide a full-catering service from set-up to take-down, giving you the broadest set of conveniences. You won’t have to spend hours clearing tables, putting food away, cleaning up. We take care of all of that. The choice is yours. The next time you consider hosting a party, have it at home and enjoy yourself!