How Caterers Innovate—Part One

Creating wondrous bites for a memorable dining experience

Gone are the days of the rubbery chicken at a sit-down dinner. That’s the old image of a catered affair. Today, caterers innovate just as chefs in the best restaurants do. Here we present some of the ways we experiment to bring you the best possible food and the best possible service.

Flavor—We delight in combining different, unexpected flavors into new profiles. We want to surprise your palate, give it something memorable to consider long after the event. This may mean we combine proteins with other proteins in new ways or apply flavored oils. Or perhaps serving up vegetables with a long-neglected or exotic legume or nut, or combining salty with sweet. The options are endless. We want that first bite to be ecstasy.

Texture—Each dish we create should offer a full-fledged sensory experience. No one-notes here. We combine ingredients that are smooth with those that crunch. Like a fine wine, we want the texture to linger with you. We want you to wonder where that texture comes from.

Technique—Our chefs continue to perfect their craft, always looking to stay abreast of the latest culinary methods, some of our clients like Bohn & Fletcher have been with us for many years because of this.. Yet, they apply their creativity to generate new techniques on their own. From ice baths to shock ingredients to cutting against the grain, from sous vide to braise to pressure cooker, our goal is always to provide the best yet surprising bite.

Presentation—It’s been said often: We eat with our eyes. When a dish leaves our kitchen or the kitchen of your chosen venue, it has to look like edible art. Elegant arrangement of sauce and garnish. Glistening vegetables. Carmelization. Perfect grid marks from the grill. Vibrant colors. Unique serving options using unanticipated vehicles. We want your mouth to water at first glance.

Even with an innovative approach, everything we put on a plate belongs there as part of your sensory experience. And innovation can only occur when the foundation is solid. Rules can only be broken when you know them in the first place.

When you know your caterer constantly strives for new ideas, you can rest assured that your service and menu will bring your event to new heights, whether it’s for a large group or an intimate gathering, a corporate meeting or a family milestone celebration. Let your own imaginative thinking begin with Just Catering.  Contact us and let’s get the conversation started.