How Caterers Innovate—Part Two

5 ways caterers like Just Catering keep on top of trends

Just like any other business or industry, catering is competitive. It’s an imperative to stay abreast of trends from the bottom up—what our clients are looking for in terms of flavors, sustainability, and venue—and from the top down—the innovations top chefs around the world are creating. Here are five ways caterers like Just Catering are experimenting to deliver distinctive culinary experiments to our clients and their guests.

  1. Pairings—Combining flavors is an art form. A sommelier needs to understand a bit of chemistry to know how one flavor profile complements another. It’s more than assuming one should drink white wine with chicken and red wine with beef. Beverage choices go well beyond wine, even from our abundant local vineyards. At Just Catering, we experiment with unexpected pairings—maybe a foraged ingredient with a standard protein, for example. Or adding walnuts or macadamia nuts. Or adding a sauce. Our goal is always to provide your palate with a positive, memorable experience.
  2. Alternative proteins—There are many choices of protein beyond the traditional chicken or beef. We scour the local landscape to find the freshest offerings, from salmon to oysters and crab. But we also recognize our clients and their guests may prefer no animal protein at all. Here we prepare a menu of legumes and/or versatile tofu, tempeh, or seitan.
  3. Exotic flavors—Sometimes our guests come to us looking for an off-the-charts culinary experience. We’re happy to oblige. Our chefs receive their training around the world and are familiar with flavors of other cultures. From exotic tropical fruits to proteins, we ensure our flavor profiles delight.
  4. Training—Continuing education is always necessary to keep our knives, palates, and skills sharp. The kitchen, of course, provides on-the-job opportunities, but most chefs agree that traveling and training give them unparalleled experiences to bring new thinking to each dish they create.
  5. Venues—A sit-down or buffet dinner in a ballroom may not be the kind of venue you have in mind. Our consultants sit down with you to learn your needs and knowing the kinds of venues we have in the Bay area, they recommend the ones that ideally suit your personality and your event. That may be an airplane or children’s museum, a historic home, or a spectacular garden.

Innovation is a constant at Just Catering. Contact us today and let’s start the conversation about your event.