Our Menus

Chilled asparagus soup with mint & lime (Spring)

Smoked chicken bisque with apples, fennel, & walnuts (Fall/Winter)

Creamy carrot soup with orange & ginger

Sweet onion and Savoy cabbage soup

Moroccan spiced lentil soup

Creamy celery & celery root soup

Roasted butternut & pear soup perfumed with fall spices

Creamy roasted garlic & walnut soup

Smoked poblano and corn chowder

Spinach soup with Reggiano Parmigiano & fresh nutmeg

Chilled cucumber soup with tarragon & lime

Artichoke & fennel soup

Fresh herb soup with Reggiano Parmigiano toasts

Roasted tomato and fennel soup

Zucchini & basil soup, garnished with

Roasted tomato crostini

Chickpea soup served with cabbage & virgin olive oil

Porcini & parsnip soup

Chicken Pho

Traditional Vietnamese chicken soup, garnished with noodles, Thai basil, cilantro & lime

Barley & mushroom soup with root vegetables & thyme

Potato & garlic soup with fresh herbs

Green curry & sweet potato soup with shiitake mushrooms

Fresh shrimp soup perfumed with kifer lime & lemongrass

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