Lunch Ideas for Offices

If you are bringing in lunch for your employees, or for an important corporate meeting, you want to make sure that you have the very best in terms of freshness and service. You won’t need the touches that you would want for a major occasion, like a gala or wedding, but you still want food that will make you look like a professional, with a presentation that will make your employees or meeting cohorts feel valued.

Just Catering offers a wide variety of catering options for office lunches. If you want a more basic package, we have many different sandwich options, ranging from whole wheat to focaccia to croissant breads, and with as many different meats, cheeses and condiments as you can think of.

There’s no reason to have a box with a sandwich featuring some tired turkey on some tough wheat bread with a tomato slice and piece of lettuce in a plastic bag. Instead, you can order pre-wrapped sandwiches and have a separate condiment and extras station to keep your sandwich from getting soggy.

We offer our full spectrum of catering services to office lunch clients; because your time is a priority, we have a wide variety of options to keep your day moving swiftly – and the people in your meetings full and focused. Give one of our event professionals a call today.