Treat Yourself to Your Gourmet Dream with an Interactive Culinary Adventure

cooking lessonHost your next Bay Area social event in the kitchen

A friend laments: If only I had the knife skills of those professional chefs on the Food Network. Indulge her in her dream and treat her—and other friends in your social network—to a night of gourmet fun and education where professionals share the latest culinary tips and techniques.

By working with a caterer like Just Catering, you can plan an “in the kitchen” event that will be, pun intended, cutting edge. For example, our well-respected chefs can teach your group:

  • How to properly grip the knife to control your cuts
  • How to use your non-knife or “guiding” hand
  • Learn the differences between a German, French, and Japanese style knife
  • Learn the differences between rocking and slicing motions and when to use which with which knife
  • Identify the heel of the knife and when and how to use it 

Stir it up a little

But an event in the kitchen doesn’t have to stop at knife work. You and your guests can learn to:

  • Prepare a gourmet meal
  • Bake artisanal bread
  • Make perfect homemade pasta
  • Master the Caesar salad
  • Grill a steak to perfection
  • Highlight Pacific Coast seafood, including sushi
  • Elevate vegetables to the highest form of culinary satisfaction
  • Stir mouthwatering sauces and glazes
  • Create a delectable dessert you thought could only be available from Swiss chocolatiers
  • Learn the chemistry between ingredients 

Just let us know what you’d like to do. You can also choose from our themed menus—such as Italian or Tapas—or focus on farm-to-table with the freshest, local ingredients.

In the kitchen for corporate events

A special event learning gourmet skills can give an innovative twist on a corporate event. After a long day in meetings, allowing individuals to create and eat a tasty meal can be just the thing to nurture relationships and establish new bonds. You can choose from an “observe only” to a fully interactive, hands-on experience.

Create memories, traditions, and fun

Observing professional chefs and receiving their mentorship as you cook, mixing and mingling—all combines into a splendid, unforgettable mix of laughter and learning. Who knows? Perhaps your event will become a tradition. And the best part? You’ve learned a new skill and you get to reap the reward by treating your guests to a new kind of dining experience.