Winery Catering

One of the most beautiful backdrops for your special event in the Bay Area can be one of the many wineries in the region. In addition to hosting public tours and tastings, many of the fine wineries within a drive of San Francisco offer their facilities for rentals, if you want to have a corporate event or even a wedding. Depending on the size of your party – and your budget – you can have some or all of the winery at your disposal. But what are you and your guests going to eat at this event? The good news is that there are as many options at a winery as there are at any other venue.

Why would you choose a winery for your special event? Wine might be what brought you and your partner together, and you want to celebrate that by having your wedding at a winery – particularly if that winery is the place where the two of you met. Because of the wealth of tastings available at some wineries, you can also make this a memorable occasion for your clients or your friends, depending on the specific occasion.

You might be thinking that since most of the attractions at a winery are outdoors, your options for catering are somewhat limited – after all, an outdoor venue brings a lot more of the elements into play. These are some myths that need to be cleared up. Just about every winery has a facility where people meet indoors before heading out for the tour. You can reserve some or all of that indoor space for your event, which means that you don’t have to put your food at the mercy of the outdoors.

So what does that mean for you? All of our menu options come into play – even the option of making your own unique menu. We offer the same levels of service at winery-based events, which means that we can do all of the planning for you, or we can just handle the cooking and rentals that are necessary for the food and beverage side of the event. Get in touch with an event professional at Just Catering today – we have helped many clients with events at wineries in the area, and we can give you some tips about hosting your own event at one. Give us a call today to get started.